Raya Collection Set [Set 1 : Joyful Raya Giftset]

Raya Collection Set [Set 1 : Joyful Raya Giftset]

Raya Collection Set [Set 1 : Joyful Raya Giftset]

🎁 Joyful Raya Giftset 

What’s inside the giftset beautifully packaged in a rattan bag?

Item 1 : Combat dry Raya weather with a Portable Humidifier

Item 2 : Vintage-inspired Bluetooth Speaker for premium sound quality

Item 3 : Symbolic 7ajwa Dates representing blessings and prosperity

Item 4: LED Decoration Raya Lights for festive ambience

Item 5: Indulgent Ferrero Rocher Chocolates for sweet delight.

Item 6 : Add a touch of sophistication with the unique batik patterns of batik with the Batik Triangle Ba with wristlet.

Item 7 : Carefully packaging the giftset items in this beautiful Vintage Rattan Box be a sure way to give joy to all recipients during this Raya season.

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🎁 Introducing our Joyful Raya Giftset – a delightful ensemble beautifully packaged in a rattan bag tailored for the festive Raya season!

  1. Humidifier: Combat the dry Raya weather with a portable humidifier, ensuring comfort and well-being throughout the celebrations.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker: Our vintage-inspired Bluetooth speaker delivers premium sound quality, merging nostalgia with modern functionality for a musical Raya experience.
  3. Dates: Share the essence of Raya with symbolic 7ajwa dates, representing blessings, sweetness, and prosperity, embodying traditional values.
  4. LED Decoration Raya Lights: Illuminate the festive Raya spirit with versatile LED lights infused with Raya elements, perfect for enhancing any space with a touch of celebration.
  5. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates: Indulge in the luxurious delight of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, featuring golden-hued spheres of chocolate, hazelnut, and creamy filling, adding a sweet touch to your Raya festivities
  6. Batik Triangle Ba: Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, our Batik Triangle Bag with wristlet epitomizes superior quality and meticulous attention to detail. Radiating with unique patterns and vibrant colors, the essence of batik infuses sophistication into every Raya ensembl.
  7. Rattan Bag: The green Vintage Rattan box embodies Hari Raya’s traditional colors, symbolizing renewal and joy. Coupled with a Hari Raya greeting card, this gift set extends heartfelt wishes, celebrating the season’s spirit.

Spread joy this Raya season with our thoughtfully curated gift set, available for only RM150.00!